french adventures, part 3

On our way to the cathedral, we passed a lot of cafes, delicious looking food, and street musicians.

Then, we turned a corner and stared up at THIS, completed in 1439.

It had amazing stained glass windows that supposedly told the story of the entire Bible


french adventures, part deux

Mariella, Shay, and I waited at a cafe for Jose and Molly to join us.

Then we walked towards the middle of town to check out the flea market.

But we got hungry. So we decided to come back. When you’re hungry in France, what do you eat? CREPES OF COURSE. We went to the little creperie to the left of this picture under the yellow overhang, in fact you can see where we sat:

I got a bacon, cheese, and egg crepe! Apparently, your egg comes on the top of the crepe…? Anyway, eating crepes made me miss my friend Micah. He makes Nutella crepes that are just as good as any you can get in France.

Then we returned to the flea market. That is one of the coolest things to see in another country. Some of this stuff was REALLY old! It was so interesting. I mean, how ADORABLE is this doll house classroom?!