POD day 4

So, these are some of the coolest middle school girls I know: Madeline, Kaley, Karina, and Rachel. We decorated journals today at the CAC center after we did our bible study (about being Jesus to our non-Christian friends). Every moment I spend with these girls is seriously a joy to me and I’m learning to treasure it. Each of them has such a unique personality (which came out in their individual decorating styles too) and they all get along so well. If I ever have middle school kids of my own, I hope they are just like these girls. For real.

(And I know they’re gonna read this, so HEY girls, had so much fun with you today! Haha).

Whenever I start thinking about how we’ll eventually have to say goodbye to each other, I try to remember how it had to be God’s perfect timing that we all ended up in Bamberg at the same time, and I like paying attention to why that is. Because it may seem like I teach them stuff, but in reality, they teach me so much too. Totally cool how God works, huh?