pod day 33 – apfel fest

Today six friends and I went to the Apfel Fest in Trabelsdorf. It was a tiny, cute little fest, and a great way to ring in the new season (I. ADORE. Fall.). The irony of course is that I am allergic to apples (recent development in the last couple of years). But I still had fun. We ground up some corn, Emmy rode the cart thing, I ate some apple crisp and drank some apfelshorle, Shay got attacked by a spiderweb, we saw a lot of tractors, Dana won an apple at the William Tell crossbow booth, we all sweat a lot (it did not feel like fall today), and fun was had all-around.

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pod day 10 – sandkerwa fest is about to start

The Sandkerwa Fest was about to start when I took this picture, and the Frucht Bar I live above has expanded JUST for the fest. It’s a huge 5-day thing that happens on my street, Sandstrasse, hence the name Sandkerwa. I get to experience it for the first time this year, and it should be interesting!