quote from Jesus the King

“Jesus says, ‘Follow me. I’m going to take you on a journey, and I don’t want you to turn to the left or to the right. I want you to put me first; I want you to keep trusting me; to stick with me, not turn back, not give up, turn to me in all the disappointments and injustices that will happen to you. I’m going to take you places that will make you say, ‘Why in the world are you taking me there?’ Even then, I want you to trust me.’

“The path Jesus takes you on may look like it’s taking you to one dead end after another. Nevertheless, the thread does not work in reverse. If you just obey Jesus and follow it forward, it will do its work.

“MacDonald, author of The Princess and the Goblin, put it like this in another story: ‘The one secret of life and development, is not to devise and plan…but to do every moment’s duty aright…and let come- not what will, for there is no such thing- but what the eternal Thought wills for each of us from the first.’ And yet in another: ‘You will be dead, so long as you refuse to die.’ That is, you will be dead so long as you refuse to die to yourself. Follow the thread.”

-Tim Keller, Jesus the King


2 thoughts on “quote from Jesus the King

    • Sandy, the quote is actually from a book by Tim Keller called Jesus the King. It’s a book about the gospel of Mark, and in this chapter he’s referring to when Jesus called the fishermen in Mark 3! I have only read a little bit of Jesus the King, but so far it’s great!

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