be still…


One way God says you’re going to make it through trials is if you have an attitude of thankfulness. A good friend of mine came through town several days ago with some brightness to shine into my dark and I couldn’t be more grateful. Sometimes a girl just needs an old friend, someone they’ve known for a long time, to come and tell her she looks good, that she’s going to be okay, speak words of truth and healing, point her to Jesus, and be a little confidence-booster when she’s sometimes forgetting where she put hers. And also not judge her for almost eating the ENTIRE plate of giant delicious pancakes from Aretha’s. Because how do you not? They’re awesome. Anyway, Rigo and I got to talk about how much we missed Germany and it was so good to reminisce, but it truly was one of those conversations that make you take a big breath and realize 2 things: I’m gonna make it. And…

God has not left me. God loves me even when I don’t feel like He does and nothing is going the way I want it. I’m literally like one of the wandering Israelites who are yelling at Him going, YOU BROUGHT ME INTO THE DESERT TO DIE! YOU JERK! He knew right when I needed this friend’s words to combat the big, fat, evil lies eating away at me and He even knew the exact timing for it. He knew I’d been praying for some sunshine in more ways than one just days before. He knew I’d happen to be free to have lunch, and what a beautiful day it was, and that 3 hours of good soul talk including like an hour long discussion on the book of Exodus would refresh my soul in a way I didn’t even know I needed. I walked away feeling cared for and loved, but most of all cared for and loved by the God who knows me and made me. He reaaaallly knows me. Right now I can only see about as far as the next day, so every step I take I’m trusting Him in. So I say, “Let the lying lips be mute, which speak insolently again the righteous in pride and contempt” (Psalm 31:18). Boom. Easier said than done, truly, but needs to be done all the same.

It’s not a coincidence either that my church just finished a series on Ruth and my D Group is studying Exodus and they are both talking about God knowing our needs,  being patient with us and building our character. AAAAND, here’s the big one:


Well, dang. We put that one on our coffee cups and Instagram it a lot, but now after reading and understanding all the ways the Israelites had to trust God over and over in His process and timing, while struggling with my own bouts of anxiety lately, it really hits home more. The Word of God is powerful. Like when I’m working myself into a psychotic frenzy of useless yet paralyzing anxiety, it has this way of calming me and reminding me of the truth: that it doesn’t matter, that God is good and I can trust Him and He’s way better at dealing with things than I am because He knows me the best and He’s kind of got the whole world in his hands.

Be silent, so God can speak. Whether it’s through a friend, through the gifts He gives, through the peace in your heart, through His Word, even through music, we have to silence the worries and lies and noise we’re listening to just for a second so we can hear the God of the universe say how much He loves us and how much He is in control. Our problem is not that He’s not speaking, it’s that we aren’t listening.

This hymn played on Pandora a couple weeks ago, and hit me right in the feels. SO instead of sitting there on my phone or distracted with something, I just laid there and listened. It’s an oldie but a goodie, folks….


One thought on “be still…

  1. Laura,

    You are amazing. Your updates are always encouraging to me. Thank you!!

    I know you are busy but if you ever a moment lets please catch up. I would love to hear about life in Chatty and how young life is going down there.

    Love ya!


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