just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

I just have to say, what a blessing it is to receive messages like this right now:

“So I know right now you’re having to trust God with a lot of things and some things that are really hard to put trust in someone else for because they are so important but I know God is going to provide for you… You’ve been following God’s plan for your life and your continuing to do that even though it’s definitely not the easiest thing and because of that he’ll provide for your needs and make it all worth it because what you’re doing has helped so many people and helped people find him”
-a former student from Bamberg

“We are overjoyed that you will be close to us and truly want to keep you involved with our lives. I feel like you could truly help be a spiritual mentor to ______ and _____ as they face this challenging world”
-a supporter from Chattanooga

“We are really looking forward to you being back in our town.  I pray that you will take this opportunity to reconnect with _____. She needs the positive influence you could provide.”
-a former NWGA YL parent



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