a delayed thanksgiving post

Well this morning I woke up to SUN in Belgium (haven’t seen the sun in weeks) and felt rested for the first time in weeks, as well. I’m loving spending Thanksgiving weekend at a friend’s house who is such a good hostess she made and delivered my coffee to me upstairs this morning. We saw downtown Brussels yesterday, complete with the Christmas market, and went to see Catching Fire afterwards! So fun to see a movie in English with French and Dutch subtitles! We have also spent a lot of time sitting on the couch drinking tea and watching episodes of Friends and laughing. It’s been so relaxing and I needed that.

Yesterday I got a call from my landlord that was a great burden off my back. He sold the apartment to the owner of the Frucht Bar downstairs and now I can move out before Christmas instead of during the chaotic first couple weeks of January (I’ll be at camp with kids and then in Spain). Additionally, I DO NOT have to paint the apartment (German landlords make you repaint the whole thing before you move out or pay a crazy amount of money to have it painted) AND if I don’t sell all of my furniture I can leave it there for awhile. This is a huge blessing and I’m so thankful I don’t have to stress out about painting and selling everything in the next few weeks! Awesome!!

Thanksgiving Day was fun, I went to the home of this missionary couple who are the parents of my staff friends in Vicenza. I knew only a few people there but it was cool to see how God brings together people from all over. I met a Young Life staffer that works in Brussels, and a few other people that were connected to my world. Andy, one of the guys from the band who played at Adventure Camp the past two years, led us in some worship and prayer after dinner. I’ve never done that after a Thanksgiving dinner and it just felt right to spend more than just a few minutes before the meal actually giving thanks to my God. It wasn’t the Thanksgiving with my family that I miss, but it was Thanksgiving with God’s family, and over here that family is all you have. I can’t imagine how great it will be to be in the states again and spend holidays with family, but I will truly miss the haphazard family over here and how it reminds me of the Kingdom of God- a mix of people from all backgrounds and all countries brought together for only one reason- Christ. So cool.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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