have 45 minutes? watch this.

“That activity that you participate in that you feel ashamed of, that’s not what’s made you unclean, you are unclean because you did that activity. You don’t do sinful acts to make yourself a sinner, you are a sinner so you do sinful acts…Here’s why ‘I’m going to make myself a better person’ is never going to work…(according to Matthew 15:16-20) You’re the problem, so YOU can’t solve it.”

“I found that lust almost always has much more to do with control and anger than it does lust. See, for whatever reason, wanting to control, having some wounds, you will take a human being with a soul, with emotions, with a mind, and a heart and we will dehumanize them and use and abuse them for our own pleasure. THAT is pornography, for men and women. It is the dehumanization of another human being for our enjoyment with no consideration of their heart, their soul, their mind, any sort of damage occurred in them, they are simply there to be used by us. Lust isn’t the problem, anger and control are the problems.”

Matt Chandler – The Remedy: The Gospel of Jesus Christ


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