Over the past year or so, I’ve been inviting you all to pray about what’s next for me after Bamberg’s post closes Summer 2014. Thank you so much for your prayers. The Lord has been faithful to lead me into an exciting new assignment! I can only begin to tell you all that has happened over the last several months to lead me to one big announcement: the Chattanooga Young Life area director wants me back to go on part-time (at first) staff with Northwest Georgia Young Life!

I’ve been praying for the past year or so about this possibility as soon as I found out my old area director had left and the area was struggling. In fact, one of my old Young Life girls recently told me, “Young Life has really died down around here, it’s kind of sad.” This breaks my heart! Rural Young Life is an often-forgotten, struggling, and yet incredibly needed area of ministry. I speak about this need both from my experience growing up in a small town as well as my experience as a volunteer there for 3 years and seeing the struggles that these kids talked about in our cabin times at camp. You would be shocked at the level of need students have for spiritual mentors even in the “Bible Belt.” During my stateside visit in January, I met with the Chattanooga area director and a volunteer working to keep NWGA Young Life going. We all loved the idea of me coming to help, especially as a Covenant College alumnus, and we started praying that God would work out the details and lead me in discernment. Since then, many friends and family have confirmed this as a great fit for me, and God has brought all the pieces together to make it possible, including the timing of the base closure, the gifts He’s given me, and the connections He’s kept strong even with me being overseas. I never thought I’d be able to go back to the place where I fell in love with Young Life and back to my college to tell people about the difference being a Young Life leader can make in the lives of kids as well as the leaders themselves. God writes amazing stories.

I am so excited about what’s next but I’m also going to miss living in Germany and my family at Club Beyond. Thank you so much for your support and for being part of my life these past 3 years. God has taught me more than I ever thought possible and grown me as a youth minister. He has worked in the lives of military kids and has clearly used this time in Bamberg to prepare me for what’s next.

I invite you to pray for me as I finish out my last semester of military ministry and prepare to leave Bamberg and head to the Chattanooga/Northwest Georgia area in early January 2014. I will likely be spending a month or two fundraising soon after I arrive. Please be praying for God to raise up more financial support. I will rely more than ever on donations in order to keep doing ministry, as I will no longer have the benefit of a military stipend, and Northwest Georgia YL does not have the funds to support me more than part-time yet (which is one of the reasons why they need someone like me- as I am able to bring my own support along). If you can no longer give, please know that I am BEYOND grateful for what you have already given, and will completely understand. Please let me know if you cannot continue. If you would like to give either monthly or one-time gifts to support me for the rest of my time in Bamberg and for this next ministry,  check out the Ministry Support page at the top. I look forward to keeping all of you updated on this next adventure! Let me know by e-mail or Facebook message how I can be praying for YOU! 


One thought on “BIG NEWS!

  1. I have no doubt you’re going right where God wants you to serve next. From the little bit that I got to see you work with kids, I could see that you loved them and that they reciprocated that affection. You incarnate Christ well, and I am sure you will be missed by the folks at Club Beyond in Europe. Wishing you nothing but the best.

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