a day in the life of laura, part 2

Here’s another Day in the Life of Laura entry, detailing what it is I do all day…for all of you who ask. 🙂

  • Sent emails
  • Met with potential Booster Club president
  • Talked with Shea about future plans
  • Skyped with my brother in India
  • Called student back about small group
  • Got grilled cheese for lunch
  • Stopped by the teen center to get supplies for our young adult ministry’s “prom” event on Saturday
  • Wrote 2 thank you notes and prayed for donors
  • Google translated an electric bill
  • Compared a POR and invoice for our Adventure Camp payment to figure out a discrepancy
  • Proofread my newsletter
  • Wrote 4 more emails
  • Updated To Do list
  • Searched for email address for rep on DTS seminary site
  • Wrote 3 more emails
  • Looked up notes on small group seminar from last year
  • Made list of things to buy for a care package for a student who PCS-ed
  • Sent email to my site team for Romania
  • Went to shoppette to buy supplies for care package
  • Went to Bookmark book store on post to get a birthday card for student
  • Went to PXtra to get care package stuff and stuff for our young adult ministry “prom”
  • Went to the CMR(Community Mail Room) to mail my thank you notes and pick up a box for care package
  • Went to pick up lights and disco ball at the teen center for “prom”
  • Looked in every storage place at teen center
  • Waited for another organization to return the lights to the teen center so I could borrow them (this all took an hour)
  • Stopped by softball practice to say hi to my girls
  • Had small group with my middle school girls

Whew…there you go. Another day in the life. More random days to come.


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