I just want to brag on my creative God, the ultimate Storyteller.

So when I was first getting ready to go to Germany, a friend of mine I hadn’t talked to in years sent me a Facebook message. It was Jonathan, who had been one of Steven’s roommates for a short time at Covenant. He said that he had joined the army and was going to be stationed in Bamberg, at the same time I was. When he told me this, Steven had been with Jesus for only about 4 or 5 earthly months, and I was in a rollercoaster of grief for him and others. This was like a gift to me, in a weird way, to leave my life in the midst of my grief knowing that there would be someone who knew Steven in the small corner of the world I was going to. It was oddly comforting to me.

Jonathan deployed to Afghanistan very shortly after arriving in Bamberg, so he wasn’t there long, but he returned safely a year later. Then during a trip to the states during Christmas, he started dating a girl named Kelly, they got engaged (when you know, you know), and she came here to visit a couple of months ago. She stayed with me and I got to know her, and kept thinking how weird yet awesome it was that Jonathan’s fiancee was staying with me in Bamberg, Germany…

Well, they got married really fast, like 2 weeks ago, and just got back from the states a couple of days ago. They are the cutest couple ever! I sat with them in chapel this past Sunday, wanting Kelly to know she had a friend here (well, besides Jonathan haha). The cool moment for me came when we sang “Blessed Be Your Name,” a song we sang at Steven’s memorial service and to this day I cannot sing it without tears. To stand next to Jonathan and Kelly singing that song was to see the way God has woven my story, to see that He has not forgotten me and the event that changed my life forever. I smiled thinking that Steven would probably think this was funny, and maybe he would be comforted too, knowing that someone he knew and trusted was near me. He would also attribute it to God.

Anyway, just wanted to brag on the way God writes my story, and the people he uses in it. There are no coincidences.



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