pod day 40 – rothenburg

I went to Ansbach to meet up with several awesome Club Beyond friends in the area to celebrate Storey’s birthday. We spent the evening in Rothenburg, which as I found out AFTER I left, is where they filmed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! My Aunt Lois would have appreciated this. She always brought awesome old Disney movies like that one over when she babysat my brother and I. Thus, I am fully educated on the wonderfulness that is that movie. ANYWAY. We ate dinner and took a night watchman tour. It was cold. Fall is here. Rothenburg was a beautiful way to welcome in fall and celebrate the birth of a friend I love so much!

A Jewish memorial

Josiah and Storey trying to figure out what this scene is. It’s a fun game.

The bells rang and these little windows opened up and these little figures came out drinking beer.

The Night Watchman tour. This dude was funny.

Aretta noticed these wine bottle characters in a window. Hahaha

We walked around the city walls. It was kind of creepy and yet cool.

The birthday girl blows out her animal print candles.


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