pod day 34 – soul friends


There are certain friends in life you have an instant connection with, not just in your similarities and likes and dislikes, but friends you connect with deep in your soul, because you bear your soul to them. Friends that know from one look at you everything that’s going on, who know exactly what to say, who when you are hanging out, you feel like Jesus is right there with you. You don’t have to explain things to them, they just know. You can not talk for months and still pick up where you left off. The closest way to describe it would be with David and Jonathan’s friendship in the Bible, where they established a covenant with each other with God at the center, and later after Jonathan died, David lamented saying that Jonathan’s love for him was even greater than that of women. Selfless, unconditional, agape love. The Bible says their souls were “knit together” immediately after they met. I’m pretty sure God only assigns a few of these friends at the most per lifetime. But you know them when you meet them, and they are so precious, and come at the perfect time.

Liz Anne (above, at one of the dances at Covenant) is one of those soul friends to me. Her picture has been on my wall since I graduated, even though we recently reconnected after about a year and a half of silence in our busy lives. She stayed at Covenant only about 2 years, but they were great ones. She and I would meet for “de-stress” time in her dorm room and spent many hours praying together and sharing our burdens. We would send letters of encouragement to each other in the mailroom, and talked about God in such a freeing way that I’ve found hard to find in others I’ve met since then. Later when she left we would pray for each other on the phone, skipping the small talk and going straight for the heart. We didn’t have to be fake with each other. It was truly God’s hand over this friendship. I am convinced I wouldn’t have made it through a lot of things without her support.

I’m feeling thankful for her friendship tonight, and praying that God brings you all, especially my middle school and high school friends out there, friendships like these in your lives.

“He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.”
-Abraham Kuyper


2 thoughts on “pod day 34 – soul friends

  1. I read a story once about this culture who believes God is in their stomach instead of their heart. I’m pretty sure he’s in both places, because after reading this post the whole middle section of my body- from my chest down to my stomach- feels simultaneously spiritually expanded yet light. And now that feeling has me singing that silly Disney song “I can fly! I can fly! I can fly!” … :o) Thanks for following in Jesus’ footsteps to help set captives free.

    Love that I found your blog! You’re now added to my connector list. :o)

    And you would be a 1000 gifts producer– which I heard about just a couple of days ago: http://pathofsprinkles.blogspot.com/2011/09/34th-baby-step-copycatting-isnt-just.html

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