french adventures, part 1

This past weekend I went with some friends in BYAM to Baden-Baden in Germany, where we stayed at a hotel run by a lady who spoke no English whatsoever, and closed her hotel an hour before we got there. Luckily, she graciously came to the door and let us in after we rang the bell.
The next morning, we got up and drove across the border to Strasbourg, France. Country #11 for me! I was so excited. Strasbourg is a cute town and reminds me a little bit of Italy. We hit up “Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg” first. They speak French and German in Strasbourg, but not a lot of English. After searching for the entrance for this wine cellar for 15  minutes, Shay finds a German and goes, “Spreckenze English?” He shakes his head. “Spreckenze Deutsch??” “Ja!” And we were all so relieved to find someone who spoke our second language. Haha! It was an old wine cellar underneath a hospital. And when I say old, I mean 1472!

Here’s the entrance to the hospital…

I mean, how could I NOT take this picture….


We went exploring deeper into the cellar…

And found a dead end,

and some strange mysterious device that Shay almost broke,

and some really old wine….

And then we bought some wine from the local Alsace region. They are best known for their Riesling wines.


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