pod day 7 – theology and hell

So ya’ll MIGHT have heard of these books…at least the first one. Rob Bell makes some very controversial claims about hell in his recent book Love Wins. Francis Chan, who wrote the book Crazy Love, wrote a “response” to Bell in his book Erasing Hell. Theology is really interesting to me, so I’m reading these along with a Chaplain friend of mine and we are discussing them. I’m still only halfway through Erasing Hell. It’s challenging me to read more about what the Bible says and decide what I think, when really, I haven’t given it much thought before. I mean, let’s be honest, who really wants to think about hell? But Chan and Bell both argue that we need to think about it, because the implications for our theology of hell, whatever it is, are huge. They’re both right about that.


One thought on “pod day 7 – theology and hell

  1. I read Velvet Jesus. I think that said enough about Rob Bell to last me a lifetime. I really think there is a point where we don’t have to read all the crap that everyone says to learn more about the Lord. Matthew 7:15-23; Mark 13:22; 2 Corinthians 11:12-15

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