das markus-eXperiment

Last night I went with a friend to see “Das Markus-Experiment”, a play of the Gospel of Mark, which took place right across the street from me. Yes, it was in German, put on by many of my German friends that I’ve slowly been getting to know over the past several months. To combat the language barrier, I sat next to some friends so they could translate for me. I was expecting to be really lost and maybe get bored because I couldn’t understand the language. However, I didn’t need as much translating as I had thought. Since I knew the book of Mark pretty well, I could guess at what the different scenarios were and could recognize just enough words and phrases in German that I could follow it most of the time, but it was cool to see how much the Gospel speaks for itself, and how the story of Jesus is not lost in translation. I think we forget how much STORY is in the Bible. We tell little stories of scenes in the Bible to our kiddos, but what about the entire story of Jesus’ life?  I spent a lot of time in college analyzing literature and story. The Bible is not a book of facts or lists. It is stories within a Story. I have a friend who hates when you say the word “epic” because it is never used appropriately (sorry, I hang out with teenagers for a living), but I’m about to use it appropriately (take that). The story of Christ is absolutely Epic, though. And it was pretty *epic* to see it in another language, and yet not lose its emotional drive as the love story of God and us.


One thought on “das markus-eXperiment

  1. I’m with your friend. People are always like, “ohwemjee! I just picked up an epic dust bunny!” and I’m always like…really? It was epic? Are you sure? But good job on the use there! Sounds like a good play.

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