Middle School Adventure Camp!

So I’m going to do several posts to catch up on the past several weeks, because it has been whirlwind of adventure camp, staff conference, training, and then a couple days of traveling.

But first, adventure camp!

This was Club Beyond’s first ever Adventure Camp in Belgium, and the camp directors did an awesome job of putting it together. What was great about this camp was that it was already located in a camp with staff in it, so we as leaders had so much more time to spend just hanging out with students and we didn’t have to run activities or make food.

The camp reminded me a lot of Windy Gap, the Young Life camp in North Carolina that holds my heart! Students stayed in either teepees or chalets that surrounded a small lake. Each day of the 5-day camp had a morning and afternoon activity. We went go-karting, mountain biking, rock climbing, caving, did a high ropes course, played laser tag, went in an underground maze, did some archery and shooting, and had a blast while doing it all.

Club was right up there with the students’ favorite activities as well. Each night we had club hosted by “T-Bone” who did a hilarious talk show and interviewed students and other characters. We sang songs by Taylor Swift, Relient K, and of course the song “Life Is A Highway” which was the whole theme of camp. The speaker each night was T-Bone’s wife, they both flew out from the states to do this camp together. Crystal was phenomenal in her presentation of the gospel to middle schoolers and made stories from the Bible come alive to them. Every kid was silent while listening to her (quite a feat for middle schoolers) except when she brought humor into her stories. Her tagline for the week was “Y.T.G.B.A.” which stands for You Take God’s Breath Away. She wrote those letters all over kids’ shirts when we left camp and I believe many of them took it away on their hearts as well.

I got to host a group of five fabulous, sweet, brave, hilarious girls in my chalet and they were so much fun! We jumped in the bouncy house together, braved the rock wall together (I hate heights), talked after club about life and parents and God and our lives and I really got to know them better. They all talked about how much fun they had and how much they liked Crystal and how because of what they learned from her they felt closer to God.

I feel really blessed that God gave us such an awesome week together and if my girls PCS (Permanent Change of Station) anytime soon there will most definitely be tears. We made lots of memories on this trip and even though it was exhausting at times, I had to face my own fears, and I was trip leader for the first time, it was so worth it!

Karina, Kaley, Rachel, Laura, and Madeline- you ladies rock! Thanks for a great week!





















2 thoughts on “Middle School Adventure Camp!

  1. Great pictures 🙂 🙂 YL camps are universal. I love how it doesn’t matter where you are… jesus, yl camps and demolishing boundaries & comfort bubbles are unavoidable.

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