no such thing as a typical day

So because so many people ask me what I do all day and I don’t have a real answer, I’ve decided to randomly pick days to blog a detailed list of what I did, so you can see what it is I do. This is from Tuesday. My day began at 9:30am.

  1. Drove to post
  2. Attended weekly UMT meeting for chapel staff
  3. Watched Chaplains Assistant PFC Kanizar receive an award
  4. Picked up fixed speaker from NCOIC’s office, and got chapel reservation forms
  5. Filled out 2 Chapel Reservation forms for parent mtg and bus pick up
  6. Dropped off forms at NCOIC’s office
  7. Proofread and printed Parent & Leader packets for Adventure camp
  8. Answered emails
  9. Went to PWOC praise team practice
  10. Got more paper for the printer from the other side of chapel
  11. Started going through leader packet and typing out agenda for leader meeting tonight
  12. Assigned tasks to our co-op student, Meggan, to do and wrote post-its for # of copies to make
  13. Tried to print camp bed arrangement, fought with printer and lost
  14. Had a chaplain parent rewrite a check for camp payment
  15. Answered more emails
  16. Finished leader meeting agenda
  17. Looked at Sergeant Migues’ photos of her new Yorkie puppies
  18. Went to Burger King with Meggan, dropped her back at school
  19. Checked with chaplains about whereabouts of the chapel TMP so Shea could drive it to Schweinfurt for middle school club (I’m staying behind to prep for meeting)
  20. Wrote receipt for parent’s check and tried to deliver it but he was busy
  21. Went to commissary to get ice cream for middle school camp student leader whose birthday we will celebrate at mtg
  22. Talked to Shea about meeting
  23. Picked up newsletter stationery package at CMR
  24. Ran into a soldier’s superior officer who might let him go on the Service Project as our medic, explained the trip to him
  25. Emailed regional director about it
  26. Called NCOIC back
  27. Listened to PFC Kanizar talk about his Dragonball Z collection
  28. Put fixed speaker away
  29. Defeated the printer
  30. Went on to conquer the copier for mtg agendas and more camp tips
  31. Stopped in Garrison Chaplain’s office to discuss the medic and camp
  32. Re-registered for staff conference online because it didn’t go through the first time
  33. Watched it hail a ridiculous amount outside my office window
  34. Called the German concert ticket place because I didn’t pick up my Underoath ticket at the german post office fast enough and it got returned…luckily it already reached the ticket center and they can send it back to me in time…still peeved that Anberlin cancelled their tour with them though….
  35. Created balance sheet for Adventure camp money owed
  36. SGT Migues threw a 3 Musketeer bar to me across the hall 🙂
  37. Realized leader packet printed wrong and had to make copies again
  38. Looked up songs for Easter Club on Thursday
  39. Made music powerpoint for Thursday
  40. Printed chords for songs
  41. Answered parent emails
  42. Set up room for leader meeting
  43. Went over meeting with Shea
  44. Held middle school adventure camp leader’s meeting
  45. Went to Madeline’s (one of my middle school girls) jazz concert at her German school (she is the daughter of the people who lead Hospitality House- a ministry to military families- and has lived here for 12 years)
  46. Drove home

There ya go…I’ll do another random day sometime soon!


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