ministry happenings

Tacky Prom. When I was a Young Life leader in Northwest Georgia, we had an event called Tacky Prom every year. All our students dressed tacky  and we crowned the King and Queen and danced to crazy music like the YMCA and Macarena and did the Limbo and everyone loved it. Since Tacky Prom was one of my favorite Young Life events EVER, I decided that the military brats in Bamberg should not miss out on it. So, we had Bamberg High School’s First Annual Tacky Prom this past Thursday, and it was awesome! Parents came through at the last minute to provide tons of finger food, Shea was a great DJ, we had awesome Club Lotto (our raffle) tacky prizes, and took photos in front of the Tacky Prom backdrop. Even though it got hot in there, our kids danced most of the time and were exhausted at the end. I had so much fun!

Track Meet. Saturday I went to the track meet in Vilseck and saw a bunch of Bamberg students there. We hung out and I although I missed seeing most of their events, it was a nice sunny day to be outside and hanging out on the bleachers. Several of them were surprised to see me there, an hour and fifteen minutes from Bamberg! I met up with Club Beyond staff members Diane (who has been in Germany only a month- we were roomies at CD school in Colorado!), Josiah, and Storey and we spent the day together. So good to hang out with staff people who know where you are coming from!

Guitar lessons. I’ve started teaching guitar lessons to one of my middle school girls and a younger sister of one of my other middle school girls. It has been going really well and I’ve really been enjoying the chance to pass along the skills I learned when I was about their age from my youth pastor (shout out to Rick!) as well as get to know them better.

Middle school girls small group. I’ve started meeting with a group of quality girls on Fridays for milkshakes and we just started going through a Bible study called “Stick: Glue Yourself to Godly Friends.” It’s been good discussion so far and is definitely a topic that all of us want to learn more about, especially since these girls have been friends for a relatively long time with each other.

Middle School Adventure Camp. We leave THIS Saturday with our middle school students to go to camp in Belgium! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to do some rock climbing, kayaking, laser tag, caving, and tons more fun stuff with my girls. It’s going to be a great chance for all of us to learn more about loving Jesus and each other. PLEASE be praying for us as we head out!

For those of you supporters who are making these things possible, THANK YOU and know that without your help, I could not be here ministering to these military brats that I have already come to love so much.


2 thoughts on “ministry happenings

  1. Laura, sounds like God is using you mightily and ministering to you at the same time 🙂 Funny how He does that. Glad to hear your updates! I love you.

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