new life

This Tuesday, March 29, my high school best friend had a beautiful baby girl! Let’s face it, it’s weird when your longtime friends start having babies. I’ve known Emily for about 10 years now, we’ve been through a lot together over the years, yet it feels like yesterday we were playing volleyball, trying not to fall asleep in Civics class, having sleepovers, and eating crappy cafeteria food:

Emily (left) and I at our lunch table freshman year

Hanging out in the hallway


Hanging out in my room (check out the beanie baby collection)

Now, with a little help from hubby Patrick, she has brought another life into the world:

I ADORE this beautiful, teary-eyed photo of the new mom and baby:

Welcome to the world, Anna Renee Kucera! So proud of you, Emily!

P.S. How awesome is it that God, in His perfect timing, would have us both on the same continent at the same time, even though I moved to Germany? She and Pat, who is in the air force, live in England now, so I can go see them on a really cheap flight!


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