day 31 – Stadtmission Bamberg

I went to a party on Saturday for the Bamberg young adult ministry and the soldier who leads it knows a bunch of Germans from the local university ministry so they were there too. I met some of them and got invited to their group meeting downtown. I rode my bike there for the first time (coooldddd) and it was so incredible. I got to worship in both German and English, meet a bunch of German university students, and my new Ugandan friend Dyna (!) translated for me when the speaker came up and when we discussed Scripture at our table. There aren’t many experiences greater than worshipping God in another language together with nationals. So cool.


2 thoughts on “day 31 – Stadtmission Bamberg

  1. WOW!!! That sounds like an incredible day! I went to a synagogue once and listening to the songs in Hebrew pretty much did me in. I cried the whole time. I don’t know why it’s so moving to hear my God praised in other languages but it really is. Maybe because it’s one step closer to hearing every tongue confessing He is Lord!

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