day 28 – bananagrams and travelling germans

Milkshakes and bananagrams with some awesome middle school girls!

We used all the letters!

Okay, so the story behind this last photo…Sandee, Mandy, and I went out to eat at this really cute cafe/bar that Friday and all of a sudden this guy and another guy dressed like  him walk in. Sandee said she thought she knew who they were..I forget the name, but she said it’s been a tradition for hundreds of years for Germans to do a trade or something for 3 years after they graduate high school or college and one of the trades you can pick is to travel around Germany and work random jobs for awhile and then move on. So the German guys stood up and said something in German in the middle of the restaurant and everyone stopped and listened. Then we saw people get out their wallets. So we’re like, obviously we’re supposed to give them money, but for what? So I asked this guy, and he spoke enough English to confirm that yes, he was one of those guys travelling around working random jobs. He said he is supposed to do it for at least 3 years and 1 day. And that they haven’t been able to find a job in Bamberg so they are asking for help. So we gave  him a few euros, and they left and went on their way. It was WAY cool.


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