day 12 – PWOC

PWOC stands for Protestant Women of the Chapel. Today marks the beginning of the spring semester at PWOC and they had their kickoff today. My friend Kelly, who helps with the worship music, asked me to help out and play my guitar, so I started doing that this week. It is awesome to get involved in the community here and meet brave women who cart their babies to PWOC and many with husbands gone to war. Several of them are the moms of some of the Club Beyond teens. I may stick out a little as one of the very, very few single women here at the Bamberg chapel, but I have still found some good friends I’m going to enjoy getting to know for as long as they are stationed here, which may not be long. It’s a different world here.

They give you a choice of studies to sign up for, and I picked Beth Moore’s study on Daniel. It looks like it’s going to be a great study, and I am a fan of Beth Moore, having done her David study before. Looking forward to many more weeks of food, fellowship, worship, and getting into the Word.


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