day 6 – rediscovering inspiration

When I was a senior in high school, the student teacher in my English class gave notes like these to each of us. I kept mine and have since  Scotch-taped it to my walls many times (as you can see). I used it for inspiration when doing my own student teaching in an English class, and when I wanted to remember that someday, somehow, I should write. Since then I’ve tossed a myriad of excuses into the air, such as “I’m too busy at this moment of [insert anything that took up any amount of time here] in my life,” or  “I really suck” (spoken to myself while failing NaNoWriMo or reading someone else’s writing or at any time, really) or “I don’t have any good ideas.” But I still cherish this note, along with several other encouragements, spoken or unspoken, especially recently, to write more. I still have that need that all writers talk about, to get things out, and not more than 2 days go by when I don’t journal. I suppose I should listen to all these voices at some point…

Does blogging count?


3 thoughts on “day 6 – rediscovering inspiration

  1. yes blogging counts!!! any time you work at phrasing something to express an idea, it counts.
    thank you for the reminder that it’s important to keep creating even when we feel uninspired. i needed this today.
    miss you, friend!!

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