new blog for a new year

I’ve moved my blog to for several reasons, one being that it seems like a much better blogging site, especially for what I want to attempt this year- a Photo of the Day blog, where you take a picture every day and post it with a little explanation of why it gets to be Photo of the Day. I attempted this before and failed m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-y, as most of you know.

But, good news about this year: I have an iPhone 4, it takes decent photos, and it makes uploading every day much, much easier with the WordPress app.

My failure to do the Photo of the Day wasn’t just about laziness, though. The main focus of my previous blog was fundraising and then became about my ministry life. But there was a problem with this: My life is not just about ministry. Duh. I want to blog about life. A Photo of the Day (POD) allows me to do that, with a bonus: y0u will always have a photo to look at. Facebook albums are great, but I always want someone to explain more about what’s happening. A picture says a thousand words, yes, but I like words. English major alert.

Anyways, here’s some real life for ya.


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