day 1 – a sleepy return from winter blitz

Here’s Sharon on the bus, not too excited about being woken up with my iPhone flash as we got ready to get off the autobahn exit for Bamberg, clearly totally oblivious that she was receiving the honor of being in my first photo of the new year. Hello, fame and fortune.

This past week we took our Bamberg students to Innsbruck, Austria to join 300 other Club Beyond students for our first annual Winter Blitz ski and basketball camp smack in the middle of the gorgeous Alps. Home of the Winter Olympics TWICE (this should have given me a clue that my calling is not necessarily Olympic skiing, but I tried anyway- see photo below).

It being the first time Club Beyond has ever had this camp for military students, there were a few hiccups along the way, but all in all camp was a great success. Fun times were had, the gospel was declared in many ways, and God was definitely there. Several students made a commitment or re-commitment to Christ and there were many angels rejoicing in heaven this week.

Even though this photo was taken on January 1st, I’m aware that I’m posting it on January 2nd, but in my defence I’m currently lying in my bed exhausted and not really able to climb out without some appendage almost falling off. I’m feeling my first skiing attempt, the 6km sled run of awesomeness, my World’s Only Double Loop Water Slide of Death (click for a random person’s video of it!) ride,  the dancing on New Year’s Eve complete with fireworks and glowsticks (click for my video of the epic moment), the emotionally- and spiritually-charged conversations that happened, and the lack of sleep due to an overdose of FUN.

So, I’m off to enjoy this day of rest, and I’ll leave you an African spiritual we sang at club this week by our amazing music leader Aisea  Taimani, written in the language of Uganda:

Webare Yesu (thank you Jesus)
Webare Yesu (thank you Jesus)
Webare Yesu wanje (thank you Jesus my friend)
Webare Kunduhurah (thank you for setting me free)
Yesu wanje, Yesu wanje, Yesu wanje (amina) (Jesus my friend, amen)
Yesu wanje, Yesu wanje, Yesu wanje (amina)  (Jesus my friend, amen)

soli deo gloria


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